My Wholesale Services of America Review

Wholesale Services of America Reveiw

On my latest trip to Savannah Georgia I was approached by a young man offering discounted tickets to local attractions. As usual, I was a bit skeptical as I have been approached on vacation many times before and usually end up in some crazy time-share presentation. The young man assured me that in exchange for my time at a presentation, I would get some free tickets to some of the local attractions. I received a restaurant gift certificate as well. I thought it wouldn’t hurt as me and my family were going to be eating at a restaurant on river-street anyway.

I was happy to see that the presentation had nothing to do with timeshare. They were selling a membership to a discount travel club of sorts. I was still skeptical as I have heard horror stories about people who were scammed out of money at some travel club presentation, but this one was different. They actually had a website where I could check and see if what they were selling was correct. After a few searches, I was convinced that this company may actually be able to provide me with discounted travel. Still a little nervous, I decided to give it a try and became their next member.

To my amazement, I received a username and password within a short few hours after making my purchase. I immediately logged in a booked a room at the Hyatt in Savannah. Not only was it easy, I was able to save 60% off of the best deal I could find online. We walked into the Hyatt and sure enough, they had my reservation in hand. The receptionist even asked me how I was able to get the room at the price I got it at! She thought I must have been a travel agent.

Since our trip to Savannah, we have booked 3 additional vacation through Wholesale Services of America. I am pleasantly surprised at the deals I have been getting and will keep you all posted.