Planning the Perfect Vacation Trip

Planning the perfect vacation trip

Planning a travel trip can be a daunting task; where to go? What to take along? Where to stay? What places to see? The list is endless. But planning ahead for the entire trip can make the vacation more enjoyable and less overwhelming. Organization helps you keep your mind at ease and fully live in the moment. Following are a few things you should plan ahead to have a memorable vacation abroad:

Decide the travel destination:

Don’t be vague about the place you are travelling to. Think of a definite location and plan accordingly. If you don’t think of a definite destination, your packing will be very haphazard and organizing the trip would be tiring.

Length of tour:

Planning the length of the vacation is important. You might have to arrange to return to your city a few days before you head back to work. It’ll give you some time to relax and get ready for the routine once more. This also makes it easier to distribute the hours and days you’re going to give to certain tourist attractions or cities.

Cost research:

Estimating how much money you’ll spend on your vacation trip is important. If you are taking fewer luggage on the go, you might have to purchase stuff while you are travelling. Thus, make sure you carry enough cash and plan your resources. You might have to pay for transportation, accommodation and of course at the attractions. You’ll have to pay for the food as well unless you learn how to cook yourself. But even in that case, you’ll have to buy groceries!

Travel credit card:

Purchase a travel credit card after you are completely sure about your travelling vacation trip. Through the travel credit card you earn extra miles, free flights, free hotel stays and plenty of other bonuses. The costs will reduce effectively. There are various travel credit cards to choose from; there are separate cards for flights and hotels.

Flight booking:

There are many websites from where you can attain travel tickets for the cheapest amount such as Vayama, Momondo, Google Flights and Skyscanner. Ensure you book your flight early so you do not face any difficulty in getting the desired flight.

Accommodation booking:

If you have no relatives or friends at the place you’re travelling to, and you want to stay somewhere cheaper than hotels, you can book rental apartments or arrange hostel rooms. Visit Wholesale Services of America or Be Welcome where people allow tourists to stay at their place. Make sure you arrange your accommodation plenty of days before embarking on the journey.

Activity planning:

Make a list of the places you are planning to visit on your vacation trip and adjust your packing according to the destinations. This will also help you in planning your costs. You can learn about various guides and tour programs and this will surely make your trip joyful.


One of the most overwhelming things while planning the vacation is packing. Choose a small backpack so you do not try to fill up the extra space. Make a list of all the items you need and cut it down to half. Be sure to carry the essential clothes like sneakers, socks, bathing suits, t-shirts, shorts and boxers/bras/underwear. Toiletries like towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb are important as well as a small first-aid kit. The rest of the accessories should be your electronic items like laptop, camera, cell phone, iPod and headphones along with their chargers.
Hopefully, the vacation trip planning will be less exhausting if you keep in mind the above mentioned tips.